We're all skipping town for a couple weeks. However, I'm bringing all packaged product with me, and will be able to fill orders periodically while traveling the country. ADVENTURE!!!  So if you've run out of your favorite foundation or lipstick, and can't wait until the 19th to order it*, I will PROBABLY be able to ship some to you. (Supplies will be limited, so if I run out, it's out.) 

TOP 10 REASONS to wait until after 6/19 to place an order:

10. Speedier shipping (since I'll be filling orders more than 1 or 2 times a week)

9. Save 25%

8. You'll be able to order samples 

7. You'll be able to order refills

6. You'll be able to write emails and ask questions and expect pretty quick responses 

5. You'll be assured that the products you want are available, because when NOT in Vacation Mode, if we run out of anything, we make more.

4. Will receive shipment from beautiful Boise, Idaho instead of Wherever.

3. You can feel good about letting us be lazy bums for a couple weeks. <3 

2. Some other reason I haven't thought of.

1. Did I mention saving 25%?? Cuz that's a biggie. :-D

* If you're thinking, "Gosh, I wish I'd known about this ahead of time!" you're a good candidate for our Nearly Monthly Newsletter! Subscribers heard ALL ABOUT IT about a month ago in the most recent exciting** issue!  

** "Exciting" may or may not be an accurate description. "Tolerable" or perhaps "semi-informative" might be better. ;-)