UPDATE: December 29th, and I'm finally unpacking my business stuff. There are construction related reasons that this could not happen until now. I am going to ship out orders starting tomorrow. My sincere apologies for the wait.  I hope your holidays were happy and safe. <3 
Things in the office are being packed up on Wednesday 11/18. (I like how I make it sound like elves are going to come in and pack everything up, rather than my doing it. Heheheh ;-)) 

Orders placed on or before Monday the 16th will be filled before we RELEASE THE PACKIN'!!  

The next time orders will be filled will probably December 14th. 

You can order during this time if you like, but please be aware that there will be a lengthy wait. And depending on how many people order while things are stored, there may be a backlog of orders to catch up with. 

If you subscribe to the Just Pure Minerals Nearly Monthly Newsletter, you already know most of this, minus the specific dates, and plus some personal details. I've been known to overshare. And say completely random things like "RELEASE THE PACKIN'!!" that are, at best, mildly amusing, and only to myself.

Good luck and stay safe. Let's seriously be careful out there. Each one of you is important. 

<3 Jo