INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: The site is, for some reason, not offering First Class International postage. It IS still available, and they're trying to figure out why it's doing this. Blerg.  

Meanwhile, if you'd like to place an order and trust me to refund excess postage to you, you can pay the absurd amount for the International Priority shipping. I'll send it First Class, and refund the approximately $12 to $17 to you. (Depending on the weight and where you are.)  I'm very sorry for the hassle. I hope to have it resolved soon. 

USA peepers: Nothing else going on right now that might affect your orders, aside from slow postal service. (It just took 2 weeks to ship something to Chicago. Is Chicago in Canada now? Did the order have to go through Customs? Heheh)  

But seriously, don't wait to run out of something vital before ordering. 

Good luck and stay safe. Let's be careful out there. Each one of you is important. 

<3 Jo