March 22 - The site is temporarily closed for business. I'm going in for some surgery, and will reopen when I'm able to work again, which will probably be within a week, so don't be alarmed. ;-)  I'd rather not take orders and have them weighing on me while I recover. And I'd rather not have to send out apologetic emails for the delays. Consider this a proactive, apologetic message to everyone at once. Heheheh :-D

Have a wonderful week! :-) Jo

AUSTRALIA and New Zealand customers:  the US Postal Service has temporarily suspended all First Class package service from the US to Australia and New Zealand due to the pandemic.  

If you are interested in learning the prices for Priority International, write to me at and I'll be happy to look it up. I'll need some idea of what you'd be ordering so I'd know the size and weight of the package. 

I can say without knowing details that it would be over $40. Yikes. I know. 

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Good luck and stay safe. Let's be careful out there. Each one of you is important. 

<3 Jo