We apologize for the inconvenience.

Idaho's Governor has just announced a 21 day Stay At Home order.  

On the bright side, my office and my home have precisely the same two people with access - Jo and Mr. Jo. (I really hope that name catches on... ;-))  Going to work is exactly the same exposure to things, for me, as staying home. Unless I get lost on the way and have to stop for directions. (It's less than a mile, so I think we'll be fine.) 

Here's some of the text from my  most recent newsletter, addressing the COVID-19 situation:

Hello Friends,

I hope, with all my heart, that this finds you and your loved ones safe and well.
I've been wondering how best to balance the need for social distancing and the need to fill orders as they come in.

I want you to know some things going on here:
  • I am either at home or at the office, where I work with no one.
  • Only one other person even comes in the building, and he works downstairs, away from my work space.
  • I am an absolute maniac for hand washing and hand sanitizer use.
  • I'm cleaning and sanitizing all work surfaces and tools multiple times per work day.

BUT, I still worry. A lot. Despite all the social distancing and the protective gear and the constant cleaning. The fact that people can be contagious before they have symptoms is nothing to fool around with.

Here's my plan for now: Unless there is a nationwide (or an Idaho) complete quarantine, I will continue to fill orders. I will have my hand sanitizer-shriveled hands shoved into nitrile gloves while I do it. I'll have a mask on my face as well. If I or my husband develop any fever or other symptoms, I will not work. (We're taking our temperature daily. We have a handy electronic forehead thermometer that I bought about 6-8 months ago on a whim. Thanks Costco, for putting stuff in front of me that I'll need much later! :-D) If I do have to take time off work, I'll refund any outstanding purchases from home.

I would prefer, for the sake of your safety and that of your loved ones, that you don't place an order from Just Pure Minerals (or, frankly, anyone else online) unless you really need something. If you decide you do need one thing from Just Pure Minerals, go ahead and order whatever additional stuff you want since only one person touches anything.

Please - don't do any online shopping out of boredom because you're stuck at home. Anything that comes into your home adds risk of exposure.

If you do place an order (of anything from anywhere), please seriously consider sanitizing the items when they arrive. You can use store-bought sanitizing wipes, alcohol (over 60% isopropyl), hydrogen peroxide (3% - the regular strength) or a bleach and water solution. If it's something that can be washed with soap and water, you can do that.)

think it's probably safer to order a foundation (or whatever) online than it is to go to the store and face the public and the employees of the store. Order from me, and you're only dealing with me. (Except the outside of the package - I guess you're also dealing with USPS.) Pick up something off a shelf in a store, and you're picking up something that may have been touched by a lot of people both before and during your purchase. Based on that logic, it seems like online purchases will be safer.

Please be aware that although online purchases may be safer, they are still handled by humans, so you should treat them just like you would if you brought them home from a store. (sanitizing tips again)

I definitely don't have all the answers*. But your safety is the most important thing. (*That's a link to the CDC page that has an awful lot of the answers, and more every day.)

I send my best wishes for you all, both for your health and for the financial challenges this will cause. I suspect my faith in humanity will prove to be justified by how we are able to come together in this difficult time and support each other.

Love and long-distance hugs,

Then the governor issued the Stay At Home order.  I felt that changed things.  I decided to not fill orders at all. And I was okay with that. 

But if you still need to place an order, and understand all the things I'm doing and decide that you feel safe with that, I'll fill your order. I will go into the office 2-3 times a week. Your order may take a little longer than usual. 

If you place an order and change your mind, write to me at admin@justpureminerals to let me know, and I'll cancel the order and refund your money. 

I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy. 

Love, Jo