No Regrets. 

What if you could buy makeup KNOWING that the color is going to be great on you, because you've already tried it on, and worn it around for a few days? You've seen it in every kind of lighting, and with several of your outfits. What if you KNEW it's JUST RIGHT?

What if you could not only buy generously sized, inexpensive samples of the products, but you could actually try FREE samples to start out, and choose even more free samples with every purchase? That every time you bought a full size item, it was because you'd already tried it for free, and you already loved it? 

That pretty much sums up the whole marketing concept of Just Pure Minerals.

To maximize the POWER of the FREEBIES:

  • Purchase one of the 3 Perfect Face Kits.
  • Choose 12 free samples to try. They will be shipped quickly. We treat it like an emergency.
  • In the comfort of your own real life, try on the samples in different combinations until you know which are perfect for your complexion. 
  • Write to us at to tell us your choices.
  • Guess what? You can choose one free lip or eye product sample for every full size item in your Perfect Face Kit. More freebies!
  • Again, it's an emergency, so we ship it all out quickly. 
  • BAM. Full size items you know you love and can use, PLUS more free stuff to try.
For subsequent orders, with every purchase of a full size item, you can choose 1 free sample of any product we make!

Of course, you can always buy samples at any time, too. They're inexpensive, and awesome.