How to Remove a Jar's Sifter for Refilling!

Refills are awesome for several reasons. 

1. They use about 70% less plastic than getting a new jar. (That's including the baggie, the labels, the outside safety baggie... all of it. Yay, environment! (Relatively speaking!) 
2. They have an extra gram of product in them. That's a lot. 
3. They cost $2 less than the jar of the same thing. 

Here's how I, personally remove a sifter. 

If you come up with a better method, please share! :-D 

I use a thin butter knife. It's thin enough to work under the edge of the sifter (which goes all the way out to the edge of the jar - I mention this because when it's put together it's hard to see that) but it's not sharp enough to cut me if I slip. (And I DO slip. 😬)

I work around the jar until the knife can get all the way under the edge of the sifter, then I continue to work around the jar, lifting and prying it a little more until the sifter comes out. 

Some sifters pop out easier than others. The whole process does get easier each time you do it. I'm not sure if the fit gets a little looser, or if experience makes you better at it. 😀

Good luck! Please don't use a sharp knife!