• Flawless Foundation Refills



    Already have a jar, and hate to waste resources? Our 10g Foundation Refill is a $2 discount off the jar price! (see How to Remove a Sifter)

    When applied with a kabuki brush, this foundation gives beautiful natural coverage. You can use it very lightly, or build to full coverage. When paired with a concealer, you can have full coverage of blemishes and other problem areas, AND a "naked skin" look. 

    If you haven't already tried our foundations, we recommend the purchase of samples to ensure you get the shade that is perfect for your complexion.
    We also sell Perfect Face Kits, which come in 2 phases - a shipment of 12 samples, then your final choices for your perfect face! These are discounted so ultimately your samples are FREE! This is the perfect way to find out which shades work the best for your complexion, and save money! You'll save $15 or more, depending on which kit you choose.


    Fairly Neutral is fair with neutral undertones
    Lightly Neutral is light with neutral undertones
    Medium Neutral is medium with neutral undertones
    Tan Neutral is medium-deep with neutral undertones
    Deeper Neutral is deeper with neutral undertones. 
    Alabaster is the fairest foundation with pink undertones
    Cameo is a fair foundation with the lightest pink undertones
    Sand is a light foundation with golden undertones
    Olivia Fair is a very light foundation with olive undertones
    Camel is a medium light foundation with golden undertones
    Olivia Medium is a light foundation with olive undertones
    Dawn is a medium light foundation with pinkish undertones
    Honey is a medium foundation with golden undertones
    TAWNY is a medium-deep foundation with golden undertones - New! (not pictured- it's between Honey and Amber, color-wise)
    Sunset is a medium foundation with pink undertones
    Deeper Olivia is a medium foundation with olive undertones
    Caramel is medium tan foundation with neutral undertones
    Amber is a deep golden tan foundation with strong golden undertones

    Charmed (NEW!) a deeper golden shade. Deeper than Amber.
    Olivia Tan is a medium-deep foundation with olive undertones

    Olivia Gold (NEW!) - A deeper-than-Olivia Tan shade with a stronger gold component. Lighter and more olive than Charmed.
    Sable is a deep foundation with cool undertones

    10 grams in a zipped baggie.  

    Handcrafted in small batches. No synthetic dyes or fragrances, no animal by-products, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, nano particles. Gluten-free. 

    Absolutely cruelty free, leaving you absolutely glowing with good health and good karma.

    Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides. 

    Go to the videos page for tips:

    - How To Open a Sample Container Without Flinging Powder All Over The Place

    - How to Make Your (supposedly) Tiny Sample Last a Surprisingly Long Time