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Gift Coupon Code

The base price of $3.50 covers the postage cost in the US for your gift recipient. You can choose the amount of the gift for them. As soon as I (Jo) see that a Gift Card has been ordered, I will create a unique coupon code for your lucky friend/loved one/acquaintance that you like a lot, and email it to you. It will be a one-time-use code for the gift amount, and for free US shipping.

If they don't use it all in the first order, I'll manually change the balance and reset the code to be usable again, minus a second $3.50 for postage on a second package. (I don't know about you, but I'm reeeeeally looking forward to my web host to provide stuff like gift cards that happen automatically! This is a LOT of logistics for us all to consider!)

Another, probably BETTER, gift option is a Perfect Face Kit.  You can order it, let me know NOT to ship it, who it's really for, and let your gift recipient know that they need to email to choose their 12 samples. The second shipment has already been paid for, and they can choose anything they want. (This is the best deal, too. 12 free samples? Yes, please. Go read up on it if you're not already familiar with them.)