• Perfect Face Kit #1

    List your choices for your 12 free samples to try.

    A full size foundation and blush or bronzer, but first.... Try 12 Free 'Face' Product Samples of your choice - foundations, blushes, setting powders, concealers, mineral veils, and bronzers- then choose the full size products that are PERFECT for YOUR COMPLEXION! This is even better than trying on makeup at a cosmetics counter, because you will have enough of each product to try for DAYS, not just once. You'll be able to see yourself in a variety of lighting, in a variety of clothes. You'll be able to see how well it wears throughout the entire day at work, home, going out. By the time you have chosen your full size items that you want us to send you, you will have truly found your Perfect Face!   

    All 3 of our Perfect face Kits come in 2 separate phases: 
    -- The Sample Phase 
    -- The Perfect Choice Phase

    Phase 1: Choose 12 different mineral "face" samples. You can try any foundations, blushes, bronzers, mineral veils, setting powders, and concealers you want. 12 in all! We ship them to you, and you can spend some time getting to know what works best with your complexion. ENTER YOUR PRODUCT SAMPLE CHOICES IN THE "SAMPLE CHOICES" BOX ABOVE.

    Phase 2: Choose the full-size products that you love the most from the samples you've tried. Email us your choices and we'll ship your products to you right away! (sales@justpureminerals.com)

    Perfect Face Kits are the very best way to find out what products work best for you. The price is discounted so your samples are basically FREE!  You save $15! (...there's an $17 savings on Kit #3)

    Perfect Face Kit #1 includes:
     -- 12 samples (free w/ kit purchase) ---------------- $15 value
     -- 1 Full size sifter jar (9g) of Foundation  ----------$18.95
     -- 1 Full Size sifter jar (6g) of Blush or Bronzer. ----$14.95
     --------------------------------------------Total Value $48.90
    ---------------------------------------------Your Price: $33.90
     -- + postage* for shipping 2 separate packages. 

    Q: How do I let JPM know what products I've decided I want?
    A: Enter the names of the samples in the box above. (Please be specific: Glow Mineral Veil, Glow Bronzer, etc.) When you make your final decision after trying everything, shoot us an email and tell us what you want! sales@justpureminerals.com

    Q: I'm ordering Kit #1- Foundation and Blush/Bronzer. Can I get some Concealer and Mineral Veil samples too?
    A: YES!!! This is an excellent time to try everything you want! 12 different samples is a lot of different products. (We have no problem at all with you falling in love with more of our products!)

    Q: What if I decide I want to order the concealer and mineral veil instead? Or I have a sudden urge for eye shadow and lip gloss? 
    A: You will still have the credit with us to use however you like.

    Q: What if I decide I don't want anything after the samples?
    A: That's hard to imagine, but if it does, we will gladly refund the amount paid, minus the regular price for the samples ($15) and the postage for their shipping*.

    *Actual postage per package (up to 8 ounces) shipped:

    U.S. - $3-ish (varies by weight)

    Canada - $10 

    Mexico - $12

    Other Countries - $13.75