Beautifully Pure.

Purely Beautiful.



 Just Pure Minerals - Hand-Crafted, 100% Vegan Cosmetics

I never get tired of saying great things about these products because they have done wonders for my sensitive skin. No more allergies, no more breakouts, no cakey wears-off-mid-day makeup. This is my holy grail. Life changing stuff! No kidding. Don't hesitate to buy! 
                       - Julia F. , Edmonton AB, Canada
Just Pure Minerals offers 100% vegan cosmetics, made in small batches, free of synthetic preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, nano-particles, and synthetic dyes found in other cosmetics.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin -  We avoid ingredients (even natural ones!) that can cause irritation.

100% Vegan - We create luxurious products with ingredients that nurture your skin, and without a whole list of ingredients still used by other cosmetic companies that aren’t vegan, and can be harmful to your health.

Never Animal Tested - Our products leave you glowing with good health and good karma.

No regrets, baby!

Sample Before Investing a Lot of Money*

No more returning stuff because it's the wrong color. No more storing unused, unloved makeup in that bottom drawer in the bathroom. Because before you've decided to buy in the full size, you've already tried a sample. A nicely sized, very nicely inexpensive sample.  (Of course, if you decide to purchase a Perfect Face Kit, you'll have 12 FREE face samples. Go to the Products page to find Perfect Face Kits.)

SO much better than trying makeup at a cosmetics counter!

With your samples, you will have enough of each product to try for DAYS, not just once. You'll be able to see yourself in a variety of lighting, in a variety of clothes. You'll be able to see how well it wears throughout the entire day at work, home, going out.  By the time you have chosen your full size items, you will have truly found your Perfect Face!

* By "a lot of money" we really mean a rather small amount of money. Our products are of an amazing quality, but at drugstore prices!